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About Pinyon Homes

As one of the world’s oldest living organisms, the pinyon pine finds a way to thrive in difficult terrain and conditions, staying firmly rooted where other plants cannot. Like our namesake, Pinyon Homes provides strong, beautiful, and sustainable homes to enhance your life, and beautify your world.

Pinyon Homes is dedicated to building  strong, sustainable, beautiful homes that will last for generations to come. Our Rosalia Ridge homes will utilize the latest in insulated concrete form (ICF) technology to ensure your home is 10x stronger than traditional framed homes, more energy efficient to reduce your long-term energy costs and consumption, and resistant to traditional pests and the effects of weather that can devastate other homes.

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Your Home, Built Stronger

Traditional wood-framed homes are good, but building with the strength of ICF is even better. In fact, while ICF construction costs are comparable to traditional framing, homes built using ICF are up to 10 times stronger than framed homes. Our ICF homes are built using an interlocking system of insulated concrete forms reinforced with rebar and bracketed by rigid thermal insulation for your comfort and security.

Life In Sustainable Harmony

Because most of the components of ICF construction are 100% recyclable materials, ICF is a good choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. 

Each home within Rosalia Ridge is designed and built with the latest ICF building technology, enabling you to reduce energy consumption and control costs without giving up comfort, allowing you to live in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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Beauty That Won't Fade

Pinyon ICF homes are stronger, more energy efficient, more pest resistant, and more environmentally conscious than traditional wood framed homes. And because of the versatility of the materials used, ICF homes can deliver unparalleled beauty and architectural forms difficult to achieve in any other way.


It's beauty that won't fade with time as ICF homes last several times longer than their traditionally-framed neighbors. By choosing to build an ICF home with Pinyon you just get more!

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